Glue for Wilsonart Grey Beola: Infinity Seam Natural 214


Size: 250 ml Cartridge
Viscosity: Standard
Sale price$25.00
Important: This product requires a cartridge gun or cartridge applicator that is compatible with 10:1 adhesive cartridges. It cannot be dispensed by hand.

Product Highlights

  • Type: Color-Matched Seaming Adhesive
  • Brand: Infinity Seam
  • Color: Natural 214 (Beige)
  • Matched Surface: Wilsonart solid surface
  • Matched Wilsonart Color: Grey Beola
  • Included: Each 250 ml cartridge comes with two static mixing tips
Does not include applicator gun required to dispense adhesive.

Superior Glue for Wilsonart Grey Beola

Infinity Seam is a high performance two-part adhesive, available in hundreds of colors, specially designed for seaming and assembling solid surface surfaces.

Infinity Seam Natural 214 is a colored version of Infinity Seam that has been color-matched to work perfectly with Wilsonart Grey Beola.

Exact Color Match for Grey Beola

Infinity Seam Natural 214 is a beige-colored version of Infinity Seam that has been color-matched using ECMT to work perfectly with the Grey Beola color of Wilsonart solid surface.

ECMT (Exact Color Match Technology) is our proprietary system developed for color matching. ECMT takes into account not only the colors within a particular style of solid surface, but also light refraction. It ensures that, once cured, Infinity Seam Natural 214 has the correct color AND translucency to deliver a truly seamless surface.

Note: Colors in product images are only approximate and will often differ from actual cured adhesive color, especially with Infinity Seam colors that are translucent.

Better Adhesive for Wilsonart Solid Surface

You won't find another glue that performs better than Infinity Seam for working with Wilsonart. It's a next generation adhesive with unmatched bond strength, consistency, and stability, while most glue for Wilsonart uses older technology that can't even compare. Fabricators who switch to Infinity Seam never look back.

Save Money on Glue for Wilsonart

If you've purchased glue for Wilsonart, then you know just how pricey it can be. And over time, that really adds up. Companies charge an arm and a leg for seaming adhesives because they know most fabricators aren't aware of other options.

Here's the bottom line: Infinity Seam typically costs less than half the price of other adhesives for Wilsonart while delivering far better results. and Infinity Seam are not affiliated with Wilsonart. Any use of the Wilsonart name, or other trademarked names, are for comparison purposes only.

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Dispensing Equipment for Infinity Seam

Side view of cartridge applicator gun for Infinity Seam with static mixing tip
Two Sulzer MFQX static mixing tips for Infinity Seam cartridges standing on a table